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Dr. Edwin Everest

The Dr. Everest Edwin Foundation was created after the passing of Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest in 2008, (1948-
2008). Today, in part by his wife, Mrs. Bimla Everest, alongside his daughter-in- law, Mrs. Agata Everest,
they carry the yoke of his passion and vision.

The Everest Foundation ("EF") also invokes an Advisory Board, consisting of some of the most prestigious leaders in academia, medicine, and business. EF was conceptualized to preserve the legacy of its namesake. Dr. Everest was a prolific doctor and educator. He taught both students and leaders of Graduate Medical Education the need for innovation and forward thinking. He was gifted in predicting trends and finding solutions to the looming threats of the "residency bottleneck" and physician shortages that are now part of the landscape affecting America. These disparities have now encompassed medical school graduates and medical residency training, and are part of the reality of rural and vulnerable populations in the U.S.

Dr. Everest was also instrumental in finding solutions to the shortfalls that School(s) of Medicine deal
with, globally. In his later years, he made it his goal to dedicate his life helping around the parameters of
the individual student and graduate medical education departments, optimization of teaching hospitals,
and assisting vulnerable population demographics. After his passing, the foundation formalized
his desires and aspirations in its mission statement. The foundation is specifically interested in
focusing in IDDM and Cardiac research in his posthumous legacy.

Dr. Everest had a true zeal for the continued leadership of America in scholarly science, medicine,
training, and research. His purpose also rotated around his ability to marry the spiritual and practical
aspects of academia. As a devout Christian man, he lived his life mirrored in the example of Jesus Christ
and passed those truths on to his family. He was a lifelong student and scholar, having membership(s) in
many prestigious societies and fellowships.

EF continues to display the light of his energy in the form of focusing on the needs
of students and institutions worldwide. EF puts a specific emphasis on being Part of the Cure for
obstacles and needs that are faced in higher education, paradigm changing research, and growth of
medical schools and medical residency training programs. EF funds and identifies
like-minded souls for our foundation's Everest Scholars initiative. EF is on a growth
trajectory. EF is interested in identifying and absolving the barriers that exist in institutions, and for the
future physicians and scientists.

Dr. Everest's fervor lives on each and every day and is evident on the faces of those The Everest Foundation helps, as well as in the halls of higher education around the globe.


About the Foundation

The Everest Foundation is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization grounded in the vision and innovation of Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest and his impact on the medical community. We strive to change the future of medicine by instituting several global initiatives such as research, graduate medical education, and venture philanthropy.  

We truly believe in the act of doing good for the benefit of underserved communities around the world by placing our resident physicians in places that need direct medical care. With the rapid advancement of medical technology, it is critical that we are on the cutting-edge of medical innovation using these advances to change the world.

The Everest Foundation has committed, and continues to commit, millions of dollars to meet the funding needs of innovative research initiatives, medical resident placement, and supporting underserved communities.  

The Everest Foundation is led by its Chairperson, Mrs. Bimla Everest, and its President and CEO, Mrs. Agata Everest, who are carrying on the tradition of care, compassion, and hope for the future of medicine. We strive every day to be Part of the Cure.